Angel Lite – 100 Bulk Pack

SKU: AKL-100.

Angel Lite – 100 Bulk Pack


Shield Dimensions: 13.8″W x 9.25″H
Shield Thickness: .010 mm
Frame Diameter: 7”
Frame Weight: 0.8 oz

100 Angel Lite™ Frames
100 Angel Lite™ Shields

100 Count bulk pack of Angel Lite™ kits. This pack comes complete with 100 Angel Lite™ head frames & 100 Angel Lite™ disposable/limited reusable shields.

The Angel Lite protects your eyes and face, providing full facial protection. It is comfortable, lightweight, and disposable. The head frame is designed for ease of use, single use, or limited multiuse while the non-fogging shield provides top coverage, airflow, and unobstructed panoramic vision.

Angle Lite™ Product Features:

  • Provides full facial protection
  • Single use or limited multiuse frame and shield
  • Limited reuse at a disposable price
  • Hassle-free and lightweight
  • Sturdy and comfortable to wear
  • Non-fogging
  • Adjustable frame – one size fits all
  • Protects against spray and splatter
  • NOT to be used for impact