Thank you for your interest in the ultimate total facial protection.

Our protective shields are designed to provide a lightweight, secure, and comfortable fit preventing flying debris, sprays, splatter, and any other potential infectious diseases. Eyeglasses and face masks may be worn under the shield if additional protection is needed.

Contact us should you have any questions or concerns not addressed within our FAQ list.

The headframe is one size fits all, but if your frame needs to be adjusted, hold on to each side of the frame and gently (1) pull outwards to make it wider, and (2) push the frame inwards making an X to make it narrower. The headframe is pliable and should not break.

  1. Peel off the blue or clear protective film covering the shield from BOTH sides of the shield using your fingertip or apply a piece of tape to the corner and pull to remove.
  2. Gently bend the shield to follow the contour of the headframe and insert into the headframe slot and snap into desirable hole.
  3. To remove the shield, unhinge each side and replace the shield.

Place shield and / or frame under running water with soap to remove grit before wiping with alcohol wipes or other disinfectants. Some streaking may occur which can usually be removed with a clean soft cloth or lens paper. DO NOT USE HEAT STERILIZATION. Gas or UV light may also be used if appropriate.

Note: Avoid abrasive cleaners, which may scratch the surface of the shield.

To re-order our products, you can order online, fax your order to (832) 230-8561, or call us directly at (281) 999-2002 between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST Monday – Friday.

Our products are sold on a guaranteed purchase price refund. If you are not completely satisfied, a refund can be applied if returned within 30 days or receiving your order, excluding a 15% restocking fee. You will also be responsible for return shipping costs.

Note: Face shields can ONLY be returned if the blue or clear film HAS NOT been removed.