Archangel – 50 Bulk Pack

SKU: AAK-50.

Archangel – 50 Bulk Pack


Shield Dimensions: 12″W x 15.75″H
Shield Thickness: .012 mm
Frame Diameter: 7.5”
Frame Weight: 1.3 oz

50 Archangel™ Reusable Frames
50 Archangel™ Reusable Shields

This Archangel™ bulk kit comes complete with fifty (50) Archangel™ reusable chest frames & fifty (50) reusable Archangel™ shields.

A unique Amdrecor design intended to remove any contact with the head. The Archangel is a comfortable chest rest face shield meant to be worn for long hours and can accommodate orascoptic telescopes. It protects the face and neck from lower angles without sacrificing airflow over the top. The Archangel allows complete freedom of head movement and a full range of motion. Protecting the wearer and anyone they are interacting with.

Archangel™ Product Features:

  • Provides full facial protection
  • Reusable frame and shield
  • Hassle-free and lightweight
  • Sturdy and comfortable to wear
  • Non-fogging
  • Adjustable frame – one size fits all
  • Frame rests comfortably and securely around the neck
  • Frame designed for quick and easy on / off functionality
  • Three shield adjustment angles available
  • Large shield for more protection
  • Perfect for lights and loupes
  • Protects against spray and splatter
  • NOT to be used for impact