Amdrecor Introduces New Angel Shield™ Series

A leader in face shield technology and manufacturing, Amdrecor Inc. has announced the launch of a new, improved face shield product line called the Angel Shield™ Series. With innovative product design and materials improvements, the Angel Shield line extends Amdrecor’s offering beyond their original Protector™ Series of face shields released and revised over the past 20 years. Amdrecor was an early producer of face shields and personal protective equipment (PPE) in the 1980s.

The new Angel Shield™ Series consists of three unique models. The Angel Lite™, Angel Max™, and the Archangel™. Each shield model provides the same essential function, eye and face protection, but with slight differences to fit different needs. The Angel Lite™ is lightweight, disposable, and designed for ease of use, considered a more convenient option for a one-off occasion. The Angel Max™ boasts all of the same benefits as the Lite™ but with a slightly thicker shield, using heavier gauge plastic, making it reusable. The Archangel™ stands out as the most robust of the trio, boasting a hands-free, chest rest design. This allows for more ease of arm movement and doesn’t mess up your hair, scalp, or ears when worn. Amdrecor ensures personal facial protection for every situation.

Founder and president John Bailliet explained that the design preferences and practical face shield needs of large commercial healthcare and medical supply customers are diverse. Furthermore, the pandemic has accelerated the number of requests his company receives each day.

“The trend seems to be towards large shields with maximum protection of the eyes, nose and mouth area. The hospitals and clinics want ear-to-ear and forehead-to-chest protection for employees and staff,” Bailliet explained. “Foam head frames across the forehead are out now. They are too porous and cannot be cleaned effectively. We are just giving the experts what they want for the best protection and at a reasonable price.”

Bailliet added, “Covid-19 has speeded up innovations and we will continue to respond to the changes that our customers want.” The company is planning official new branding and preparing a new marketing campaign in early 2021.

About Amdrecor Inc.

Amdrecor, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of personal protective equipment (PPE). Based in Houston, Texas, Amdrecor was founded in 1986, and earned its reputation serving the healthcare, medical, dental, and laboratory industries. Amdrecor products are made in the USA. For more information, please visit