Protector Face Shield Kit – with 3 shields

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Protector Face Shield Kit – with 3 shields


Complete kit with 1 head frame and 3 standard reusable face shields.

Shield Dimensions: 11.25″W x 7.5″H
Shield Thickness: .015 mm
Frame Diameter: 7”
Frame Weight: 1.0 oz

Protector Face Shield Kit includes one (1) head frame & three (3) standard reusable face shields.

Our Protector Series face shields are the original models that got us where we are today. While these precede the Angel Shield, they provide the same protections using a more robust design. Open at the top to provide more airflow, these lightweight facial shields protect from infection-causing sprays, blood-borne pathogens, and splatters.

  • Provides full facial protection
  • Reusable frame and shield
  • Hassle-free and lightweight
  • Sturdy and comfortable to wear
  • Non-fogging
  • Adjustable frame – one size fits all
  • Larger than other shields for more protection
  • Protects against spray or splatter
  • NOT to be used for impact

 Note: All Face Shields are shipped with a protective film that must be removed before using.

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