Other Shields & Filters


Protection Without Restriction
Amdrecor’s clear plastic side shields slip easily onto your prescription glasses, adding side protection without restricting vision. Limited safety protection for those who wear glasses.

ES-2 Amdrecor Eyeglass Shields (12 pack)



Shield Against Needle SticksNo_pric
Re-capping hypodermic needles poses a threat of dangerous infection due to accidental needle-sticks. Amdrecor now has an inexpensive solution that meets OSHA’s “No-Hands” requirement. The No-Pric™ needle shield is a free-standing cap holder that fits most standard needles, and securely holds the caps within a stable, hard plastic stand. This simple, reusable device fits easily in pockets so it’s always on hand when needed.

NP-3 Amdrecor No-Pric Needle Shields (6 pack)

Curing Light Filters
Added Protection for All Face Shields
Amdrecor’s 2″ x 4.8″ light filter adheres to any face shield to guard against harmful curing light rays.

90% Blockage
420nm – 550nm Range

LCF-3 Amdrecor Curing Light Filter Add-on (Pack of 3)

LCF-1 Amdrecor Curing Light Filter Add-on