Chest Rest System

Total Head Freedom

Amdrecor’s Chest Rest Face Shield System protects users from potentially infectious spray, blood borne pathogens, splatter and debris. Enjoy freedom of movement, no head pressure points, protect sensitive neck region, and no messed-up hair. It does not interfere with glasses, masks or orascoptic telescopes.

The unit is lightweight and has a comfortable foam rest. Shields and foam are easily snapped on or off for cleaning, sterilization or replacement.

By design, shields are non-fogging and can be height adjusted. Chest Rest Shields are simple to assemble

Eliminates Closed-in Feeling / Protects Sensitive Neck Areas / Lightweight & Comfortable / Removable Foam Rest / Reusable Face Shields / Anti-Fog Design / Sterilizable Shield & Frame (cold or gas)

The Chest Rest Shields are available in various sizes and thickness and are complete with neck frame, face shield, chest foam and tie:

CK-1 Standard Shield Kit .020 Gauge (10″x10″)
CK-2 Extended Shield Kit .020 Gauge (12″ x 12″)

Click here for an Instruction Sheet for the Chest Rest Face Shield Systems.

Replacement Parts (for CK-1, CK-2):

CF-0 White Chest Rest Frame
CF-1 Chest Rest Foam (fits CK-1,2,3,4 frame)
CS-1 Standard Chest Face Shield (fits CK-1 frame)
CX-2 Extended Chest Face Shield (fits CK-1,2,3,4 frame)

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Shields are shipped with a protective film.